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Product Updates

March’s Product Updates

Posted 4 weeks ago by Charlotte Hall
March’s Product Updates

We've shipped dozens of new features recently based on your feedback! Here's a closer look...

Create carousels, sidebars and more with containers!
Make elements of your prototype scroll in any direction - unlocking the ability to create carousels and scrolling sidebars. The result? More realistic prototypes when testing and gathering feedback.

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User Testing
You can now see an aggregated view of all clicks and mouse movements from your user tests with heatmaps! Bringing another level of analysis into the performance of designs.

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Granular control over hotspot size and position
You can now position your hotspots more accurately with the ability to view and enter values for height, width and X/Y coordinates.

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User Testing
Restrict devices
When designing an experience for a specific device such as iOS, user testing that prototype on a desktop browser could lead to inaccurate feedback. Now you can determine which devices you want to take your user test to be taken on so you can ensure you get actionable results.

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RGBA and HEX support
By popular request, we've added more colour format options to Handoff, starting with RGBA and HEX.

User Testing
Always-on-top test instructions
You can now set instructions or a task that remains visible throughout the test. Helping them stay on track while navigating through the prototype and providing feedback.

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Export team members as CSV
We've made it easier to meet your auditing and compliance requirements by enabling your team members and contributors to be exported in a tidy CSV.

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Sketch Prototyping
Fixed position on scroll support
We're working on adding support for 'Fixed position on scroll' in Sketch, giving you the ability to sync static elements from Sketch to Marvel.

Team management
Filter users by permission and last active
We're adding more team management features to better support larger accounts with several hundred users. Soon you'll be able to filter your user list by permission and activity.

User Testing
Disable camera and microphone access
Sometimes you may need to disable collecting audio and video feedback on your usability tests. We're working on a setting that disables the request for camera and microphone access, leaving you with just the screen recording.

Our roadmap is built based on customer input, so if you have a idea or suggestion to improve Marvel let us know

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