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In the Spotlight / Case Study

Why the time has come for disruptors in the financial industry Many factors play into this, but the big ones are changes in regulation and technology. Regulation, especially in the UK, has encouraged competition in retail banking for a few years now — and more changes are on their way in the form of required open banking APIs, for example…. Read More →

Since we launched Marvel in 2013, there have been so many amazing stories of how it’s being used out there in the ether. Marvel was created with the vision of democratising design, enabling creatives who perhaps hadn’t given themselves a chance and the professionals alike to create high fidelity, interactive digital mockups. But the impact it’s had with the younger… Read More →

The world we work in has changed furiously over the last decade. New technologies have pushed businesses into tackling communication and collaboration as distinct and important problems. Today the challenge for businesses is managing all of the different tools they maintain, across a large variety of very new devices. Huddle Co-Founder, Alastair Mitchell, saw that these changes were going to… Read More →

Launched five years ago by Tom Valentine and Alex Saint when they saw a gap in the market in UK luxury hotel sales. Their idea to cut deals with hotels who had last minute spare rooms enabled them to offer 70% discount to the public – creating profit where there was none. On their journey, they have found a way… Read More →

The field of education, like every other sector, is being disrupted by technology. Yet, unlike other sectors, education is largely focused on a digitally native generation. A generation who will grow up in a world with incredible access and opportunities, but also with great challenges. Kids today will require an entirely new range of hard (coding, UX, data mining, systems)… Read More →

A 2015 report from Econsultancy and Adobe entitled ‘The Future of Agencies: The progression of agency value in a digital world’ found that ‘customer experience’ was seen as the most exciting opportunity by the 500 mid-level to senior-level agency practitioners surveyed. The creation of Marvel pre-empted this finding — co-founded by ex-agency employees, Marvel is a product of the creative industry,… Read More →

It’s no surprise that in the wake of the banking crisis a new breed of financial startups, known as ‘FinTech’, have emerged and now threaten to topple the traditional systems and the institutions that uphold them. Technology sits at the heart of FinTech firms, but so does a dedication to, and respect for, consumers. Unlike big banks, these startups are making… Read More →

Everyone has a first memory of M&S. Everyone has an opinion on M&S. From your socks to your wedding cake, M&S is as much a part of British life as a kick about and a cup of tea. Founded in 1884, the company has grown from a market stall to over a thousand stores worldwide (including 850 in the UK… Read More →

“Deliveroo are on a mission to change the way the world thinks about takeaway”. That’s quite an ambition, and if you’d heard it back in June 2015 you’d be forgiven for thinking this London-based startup was perhaps a little starry-eyed. In 2015, Deliveroo – known for the black and teal liveried fleet of drivers and cyclists – operated only on home turf, and… Read More →

ustwo sets a new standard for creative studios. Founded in 2004 by Mills and Sinx, the ambition has always been to build a company that’s about incredible, ground-breaking work, but also about life, passion and play. And they’ve made good on that – doing innovative brand work alongside launching their own award-winning products, starting new ventures and growing steadily to… Read More →

On the third floor of The Tea Building in Shoreditch two very different species are living in perfect harmony. DICE HQ is where technology not only meets the music industry, it’s where they merge. Together, developers, designers, club promoters, music journalists, and artist managers have built a live music discovery and ticketing app, DICE, which gives fans access to the… Read More →