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Announcing the Marvel API ????

Posted 2 years ago by Murat Mutlu

We’re super excited to announce a brand new way to bring your ideas to life on the platform – introducing the Marvel API. A powerful way to access the core functionality of the Marvel Platform and build the tools, apps and integrations you need to scale design faster than ever.

We are laser focused on changing how design is done, by making it more inclusive, collaborative and productive. Marvel is used by millions of people with ever varying use cases, from design, to sales, to development – and it’s our goal to keep our platform versatile and scalable.

The @marvelapp GraphQL API gives you the ability to automate, customise and scale your design and prototyping workflow.

We’ve already seen some incredible integrations from our launch partners Maze (Analytics), Niice (Moodboards) and Smartmockups (Realistic mockups) that take Marvel to the next level and it’s just the start. Now we’re handing over to you and can’t wait to see what you come up with.


Why build with Marvel?

Graph QL and API Docs

It’s super easy to get started with our no nonsense API docs, located here. On top of that, we’ve built the API with GraphQL, so it’s easy to get all the data you need in a single request.

Dedicated API Team

We hold customer support to really high regard here at Marvel, and we want to make sure that carries over to the API. We have a dedicated team available for user questions via our Slack Developer Community and Email

Become a Partner

Building an integration that is universally valuable for the design world doesn’t go unnoticed, a feature in our integrations library will open up your solution to millions.

And, it’s totally free.

This product gives you the opportunity to contribute to transforming the future of design. Automate workflows, extract designs, analyse data – stumble upon something unique and valuable, it could be used by millions.

Our First API Partner’s Integrations

After launching the beta API a few months back, we already have some exciting and transformative solutions to showcase.  Feel free to dive in with our open-source examples and guide here or read on to see what our partners built.

Marvel for Maze – Analytics for prototypes

Maze is an analytics tool for Marvel prototypes, which helps you define missions, collect actionable insights and analyze how your design has performed.

The Maze integration with Marvel allows you to quickly create tasks and track usage of your prototypes to analyse. Including heatmaps, success rates and even miss-clicks. Simply hand Marvel prototypes to your candidates, track their interactions and map to your goals with zero hassle.

Try it now

BotBot – A Marvel bot for Slack

BotBot is an open-source integration with everyone’s favourite messaging service, Slack. BotBot automates things like creating projects, adding collaborators and listing projects by simply using Slash Commands in Slack.

View on Github or try the demo.

Smartmockups – Turn designs in Marvel into beautiful product shots

Smartmockups helps freelancers, small agencies and design teams around the world present their work better. Anyone within a team can create marketing images they need, without touching Photoshop.

Using their integration with Marvel, you can browse through the Marvel projects directly from Smartmockups. Then just select the screen you’re looking for and the final image is ready to drop into your presentation in seconds.

Try it now

Niice – Visual collaboration for creative teams

Niice provides a canvas for creative discussion. The integration enables you to create beautiful Boards that tell the whole story: present multiple prototypes side-by-side along with sketches, videos, animations and more. Control the layout with drag-and-drop, and customise the board’s appearance to match your project’s brand perfectly.

Try it now

Let’s build the future of design, together

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