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Mixed.io + Marvel – Remote collaboration on your prototype designs in real-time

Whiteboarding like you were standing next to each other.

No product or creative process is complete without whiteboarding, it's a great way to quickly throw together ideas, scribbles and notes in meeting rooms. But what do we do now we're all working from home?

Meet Mixed.io, it brings the classic whiteboard experience to your screen, allowing you to brainstorm in real-time with your team.

Mixed now integrates with Marvel! That means you can use freehand whiteboarding together with your prototypes, by automatically importing all of the designs from your Marvel projects into a giant, real-time canvas! It's awesome for brainstorming, planning and design iterations with your team, stakeholders and clients.

It takes a couple of clicks to get started, all you have to do is paste your Marvel share link on this page. Check out the video below to see it in action.

The integration with Marvel means you can also collaborate on paper sketches and low-fidelity prototypes uploaded from our apps on the whiteboard, making it great for early rough ideas, right the way through to high-fidelity designs.

Here's how:

  1. Head to Mixed.io/marvel
  2. Paste in your prototype share link
  3. Sign in or sign up to your free account
  4. Select from the options on the bottom left to add scribbles and post-it notes
  5. Click on 'Share' to invite others to your whiteboard to collaborate in real-time!

If you're interested in more integrations, check out our integrations page.

Want to dig in deeper? Head to our API documentation and find out how to build your own features, automation and integrations, just liked Mixed!

Product Marketer at Marvel. Part-time true crime connoisseur. @ch_hall

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