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Easy API Hacks for Managing Large Design Teams in Marvel

Follow the simple steps in this post to learn how to query your Marvel account to extract useful data and streamline your workflow

We have several customers who have a large number of users in Marvel; from a variety of different teams; including design, product, engineering, marketing, support and more. Whilst the user roles in Marvel allow companies to easily manage access and permissions for all their users, when your design team grows to hundreds of people, you can imagine this process needs to be well managed; people leave or change role, new folk join and so on.

To help our admin users with this process, we’ve created this cheat sheet for using our API.

A quick word on the Marvel API

The Marvel API was developed for anyone who wants to build custom apps on top of Marvel. We’ve already built loads of useful integrations using the API that will charge up your design process, including;

Using the API to query your Marvel account

Aside from these integrations, what you can also do is query data in your Marvel account. This is perfect for account owners and administrator of large companies who need to monitor their user lists and usage.

How to extract a list of users from Marvel with the API

Follow these six easy steps to extract a list of all your users and their role from Marvel using our API:

  1. Login into your Marvel account as either an Admin or Owner
  2. Copy and paste this URL into a new browser tab; copy and paste me
  3. The graphiQL will open with this query in it;GraphiQL - Marvel API Queries
  4. Press the Play button to run the query; you should then see a list of all users in your Marvel account on the right hand side; API query results
  5. Copy all of the data on the right hand side and paste in it into the top box here; https://konklone.io/json/ (We need this step as GraphQL is designed for hierarchical data and this tool will convert your JSON output to .CSV to present the data in a more user friendly format).
  6. Finally, you will see the option to download all the data into CSV format.

Things to know

Our backend naming conventions for user roles are slightly different from what you see when you look at the people section in Marvel, for clarification, the table below matches the roles up:

If this post was helpful and you'd like to learn about more the queries you can use with the Marvel API, let us know!

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