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Kitty Wong

Kitty Wong

Sewer | Photographer | Writer for Marvel

Prototyping has become an essential part of any design and development process for every company. Traditionally, to create a prototype, you needed to code your work, which required nearly the same cost and effort as the final product. Nowadays, designers can cut costs and save time by quickly creating prototypes that resemble the next screens of a website or application… Read More →

What are the benefits of automation and the steps to take towards an automated user testing process?

Since the early 90’s, the terms ‘Usability’ and ‘User Experience (UX)’ have been talked about non-stop in the world of design, and are often referred to as ‘must haves’ in the design process for products and services on multiple platforms. Where this couldn’t be more true, it’s hard to overstate the importance of usability testing. In this article, we’ll cover… Read More →