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Kitty Wong

Content and Social Media Manager at Marvel | Photographer | Sewer

Welcome to the first Designer Interviews, a new series of monthly conversations featuring incredible designers.

Get to know the people behind Marvel and the importance of being customer-centric in today’s world.

Learn about how this product designer organises her design workflow and which tool is her one source of truth.

Find out how to implement design thinking across your company for better digital transformation.

The ultimate guide to usability testing, learn how to uncover problems and opportunities in design when testing.

Learn the ins and outs of prototyping and bring your bold new product to life with this ultimate guide to prototyping

Find out how co-founder Martin Ollivere built Archetype, a typographical design system editable live in the browser.

Interview with Edoardo Rainoldi, founder of rooki.design about his design workflow and challenges of his passion project

Learn how to organize and run your interactive design thinking workshop remotely with our updated kit!

In 5 days you can go from an idea to a deliverable that has been tested by users to create better experiences.

A collection of creative resources for the movement for black lives and how to support Black designers.

Learn how Josh keeps organised with his workflow and how you can turn your developers into design advocates.