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Resources to help remote designers

Adapting to a new world of working remotely or from home
Resources to help remote designers

Whether you’re a recent convert to working from home or a seasoned pro and have been working remotely for a while, sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are other ways to help keep your designer mind ticking over in a healthy manner.

Here’s a roundup of resources that fall into 5 main categories that any remote designer can use to make sure they remain inspired, challenged and most of all connect, as we all are sociable human beings by nature.

Online Communities for remote designers

Resources for remote designers Online Communities

Hundreds of companies are using Slack to organise and facilitate how their employees communicate daily. But whether or not the company you work for uses Slack, you can still use it to connect and stay in touch with other designers. The best part is that anyone can join and take part in discussions that range from events, best practises and inspiration across industries. Slack is available on the web, desktop, ios and android.

If Slack isn’t for you, then here are some other places to find your design tribe:

Mental Health and Wellbeing

resources for remote designers Mental Health and wellbeing

Working where you live is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you share your space with others. Here are a few apps that could help you avoid the darker side of remote work and breathe a little easier. All the apps in this category are available on the App Store and Google Play.

Tools for remote designers

Resources for remote designers Tools

There are so many distractions in life that may slow us down and waste our time when we’re trying to get things done. From the endless temptations of procrastination to the huge volume of tasks to keep track of across different projects, it can be quite overwhelming. Here are a few, well and tested tools recommended by the Marvel team to help you be more productive in your workflow.


resources for remote designers entertainment

Along with adjusting to working from home, you might have to work out how to entertain restless kids or maybe you just want something else than watching various streaming platforms such as Netflix or YouTube. Every day brings even more choices, but here are a few just to get you started in having fun.

If you are looking for more interaction with other people, why not try Viral Film Festival, where you get to watch and discuss films online. Or if getting stuck into a good book is more of your kind of thing, then try one of these reading book clubs: Quarantine Book Club | Silent Book Club | Rebel Book Club | Translated Fiction Book Club | Salon London

Virtual travel is becoming more of a necessity, cities and museums around the world have opened up webcams, so you can still tap into life, far away from your own.

Learning platforms for remote designers

resources for remote designers Learning

Online learning is a growing trend and many choose this route instead of traditional methods as it is more affordable, allows for a more flexible schedule and has a greater selection of classes and programmes to take.

. . .

There are so many more resources and tools out there that make remote designers’ lives easier when working from home. If you think we’ve left a fantastic resource or tool out of this collection, then let us know via twitter and we’ll add it to the list!

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