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A collection of creative resources in support of Black Lives Matter

Recommendations for reading, listening and watching and how to support Black designers.
A collection of creative resources in support of Black Lives Matter

Over the last few weeks many people have taken to the streets across the US, the UK and other parts of the world in protest of racial abuse and inequality that has led to the death of many and left countless fearing for their lives. The situation has become impossible to turn a blind eye to these events happening in our own cities.

Marvel stands in solidarity with black communities around the world against racism, white supremacy, discrimination, injustice and oppression. ⁠We also recognise that we can all do better. Going forward we will use our marketing channels to feature profiles and talent of BIPOC designers and from BAME backgrounds on a more regular basis - if you are interested in being featured, please leave your details in our Typeform. As we build awareness into our company culture, we will also have themed months open for discussion and learning.

Movements such as the Black Lives Matter and others are often embraced and empowered in times of tragedy, but it shouldn’t just be the only time that we should explore and seek an understanding of the persistent victimhood of people of colour. These events shouldn’t be moments as this implies that they are far more fleeting than actuality.

If you’re looking to expand your education and or improve your allyship, we’ve rounded up some resources that offer explanations and observations from every angle.


Black lives matter resource books

There is something powerful about long-form storytelling that you can’t get from any other medium. If you are looking to order any books, we recommend that you shop from small and independent bookstores as opposed to buying from Amazon or larger chains, in light of the COVID-19 crisis. The African American Literature Book Club has an extensive list of black owned bookstores in the US. If you live in the UK, then have a look at Stylist’s or Bustle’s lists of bookstores. If ebooks or audiobooks are more your thing then try Kobo or your local library.


black lives matter resource guide to allyship


Black lives matter resource podcast the stoop


black lives matter resource film black girl

Cinema is an incredible visual method for education and connection, with each of the films below visual feasts for all the senses.


Black lives matter resource Nappy

Here are a few other design places that have their own resource list:

By no means is this a complete list but if you know of other resources; book, podcast, film or article that we should include then let us know via Twitter and we’ll update the list.

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