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Introducing Scrollable Layers and Design Downloads

Posted 2 years ago by Naomi Francis

At Marvel, our teams are constantly listening to what you, our customers, really need – so we can iterate on parts of the product that matter most to you.

It’s our goal to provide the most seamless experience that allows you and your team to create realistic, interactive mockups that really capture the way your app and website will look and feel. In this update, we’ve got an update on one of our most requested features and made another addition to our advancing design tool.

Introducing Scrollable Layers ????

A lot of you have been patiently waiting for this feature so we’re super excited to announce it’s now live!

Previously, Marvel layers acted as a fixed element in prototype screens but now you have the ability to create a scrolling effect – allowing you to see the full content of the modal.

It’s perfect for when you’re creating screens with long side bar menus or modals and adds another dimension of sophistication to your prototype.

This new feature adds to the realism of your prototype, satisfying the UI designers behind your product but also facilitating user testing sessions.

Realistic mockups help avoid bumps in the road during testing sessions, anything that disrupts the illusion of a real app might throw the user experience during testing sessions. Scrollable Layers is another step we’ve made to making sure your research results are accurate and valuable.

For a step by step guide to creating the effect of a scrollable element in your prototype, visit our help centre article.

Download designs direct from the Design Tool ????

We’re constantly implementing new features on our platform to make your visits intuitive, fast and delightful. As of today, customers on any of our paid plans can now download their designs straight from our Design Tool!

With Marketing and Design teams across the world using our Design Tool to quickly draft up email banners, wireframes, web pages and flyers, we’ve made it that bit easier to get your hands on your designs.

Our new download button allows you to save your designs straight to your desktop as a PNG. So now, whatever it is you’re working on – you can save it in seconds.

That’s all for this update, if you have any questions at all just get in touch with our team. If you’re on our company or enterprise plan, contact your dedicated account manager for more details.

We’ll be releasing product updates like this every month, so sign up to the newsletter if you’d like to be notified. In the meantime, give our new features a try – we’re excited to see what you make with Marvel!

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