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November’s Product Updates

Posted 2 years ago by Murat Mutlu

We’ve added some great new features and improvements in November that cover better organisation and performance.

Many of the features we work on each month come directly from your feedback to our customer team and via our public feature request board. Keep them coming!

Shared folders

We launched folders to help you quickly organise personal work for different flows, projects and clients.

Now it’s time to take folders to the next level so you can organise work across the rest of your team. Shared folders allow you to easily make a group of projects available to all of your coworkers.

If you’re on the Company plan, shared folders are available for you today!

To get started simply open the sidebar in your project dashboard and click ‘+New’.

This is paving the way to a massive update to folders that will change how you work with teams and stakeholders within Marvel.

Design mode quick buttons

You can now navigate and create new screens without leaving Design mode! The new navigation buttons appear on the bottom left of the screen. Give it a click!

Project dashboard improvements

The amount of companies and teams using Marvel has grown rapidly, so it’s not uncommon for accounts to have hundreds or even thousands of projects.

Keeping Marvel blazing fast is always front of mind for us so we made some massive improvements to loading and scrolling speed.

The full rollout of the dashboard upgrade will be enabled in the next week.

What do you want to see next?

That’s everything for this update! If you have any feature requests, you can add them to our public board here.

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