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New Stuff! iOS and Android Frames, Status Bars, No More Page Refreshes and More

Posted 6 years ago by Murat Mutlu

It’s been a pretty intense few weeks for us, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong last month. Server problems, syncing problems, scaling issues, you name it, we’ve experienced it.

Somehow we managed to come out intact and fixed loads of problems you folks were having with syncing, reliability and general weirdness. We’re getting closer and closer to Version 1 every day.

But what fun would it be without some awesome new features along the way?

Android, iPad and iPhone prototype presentation frames

We’ve done a ton of work on the appearance of prototypes when they are viewed on desktop browsers.

You can now showcase your lovely prototypes in iPhone, iPad and Android frames, and there’s more on the way.

settings 2

We’ve also made the desktop preview nicer in general with options to switch frames off.


Change iOS status bar colours

Glad we finally got this one sorted! We were receiving dozens of emails a week requesting this feature.

You can now pick black and transparent status bars when you add your prototype to your iOS home screen. Whoop!

Prototypes update without page refreshes when you make a change on Dropbox

I love this one – now whenever you make a change on Dropbox, we’ll push the update to your prototype without you needing to refresh the page. It will just magically appear. Seamless and just plain awesome.

New transitions

We’ve tidied up most of the existing transitions such as ‘Fade’ and ‘Slide’, but we’ve also added ‘Push’ which mimics iOS7 default transition between screens.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 10.36.40

Duplicate hotspots (alpha)

This is very much a work in progress but you can now duplicate a hotspot on every screen of your prototype to save you having to draw it on every screen.

Faster and more stable

We’ve finally managed to solve many problems that you folks were having with images failing to sync (thanks Dropbox support team!) and slow loading.

It was a tough ride, on some days it seemed like nothing was going right but what was amazing is that you guys and gals were so supportive when things were shaky.

The fact that you use Marvel to do important things like present to clients, do UX testing, teach classes and make a living is never ever lost on us. It’s something we’re aware of everyday and we’re working really hard on making sure that we’re solid and will never let you down.

Marvel now continues to work if syncs fail, we’ll always serve the last update, that means if Dropbox happens to go down you can still continue to use the app.

What’s coming this month

As always I’m here if you have any feedback or questions, just tweet me or click support.

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