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Marvel for iOS – The Prototyping Tool for the Mobile Generation

Posted 4 years ago by Naomi Francis

“Design has become recognised as a critical factor in creating successful products and services”

Jules Erdhart couldn’t have said it better in his opinion-led declaration to the industry and beyond, State of the Digital Nation 2016. At Marvel, we live and breathe this statement, not only for the products we are creating but also in what we are helping you, our users, to achieve.

In our bid to ensure that we are not only improving our digital product but also accelerating the creative process behind your designs, we are excited to announce that the launch of the new Marvel for iOS is finally here. The app now includes Canvas, our rapid design tool which allows you to create app mock-ups from scratch - from design through to an interactive prototype - available from the comfort of your own iPad or iPhone.

Now, this isn’t just any update. Along with a ton of new features, one of the reasons it’s special is that we have integrated Canvas with two image giants, Iconfinder and Unsplash. This integration provides you with an epic database of over 1 million stock photos and icons to incorporate into your designs. With this number of high resolution images at your thumbs, the days of endless and soul-destroying image searches are gone.

“Iconfinder has always been a supporter of agile methods in web and app development. Seeing our vast collection of icons integrated in Canvas and helping to accelerate and improve the quality of app prototyping is indeed rewarding. We are thrilled to join forces with Marvel and share our icon collection with their users”
- Martin LeBlanc Eigtved, Founder and CEO of Iconfinder.

We’ve dedicated our time to ensuring that Marvel for iOS allows you to achieve all of your prototyping needs with no restrictions to location or the device you’re using. With smartphones standing strong as the preferred device of the nation and tablets creeping behind it’s important to make our services as accessible and mobile as we are.

Within minutes, you can create an interactive prototype whilst on the move using Marvel. With all the key shape, type and design tools that you need at your disposal and the option to add screen transitions, you can really bring your ideas to life. Not only is this handy to appreciate the visual dynamics of a design but it also provides the opportunity to understand the user journey. We’ve also added a pen tool for quick wireframing sketches and doodles. The pen supports pressure and each sketch you make becomes a moveable element so you constantly have free reign of your design.

Back to mobility and accessibility: remember all those amazing projects that you made in your web account? They’ll now be synced with the app so you can access all of them from your iPhone or iPad. With the ever increasing demand for everything to be accessible remotely.

All of the features are here to streamline your journey from that mental lightbulb moment, to pen to device.

We want you to not only enjoy the process of using Marvel but also feel able to succeed in whatever it is you’re working on, whether you have a history in design or if you’re just getting started. Our mission is to democratise design and provide everyone with a simple but effective tool that bring your ideas to life.

Marvel for iOS is now available in the app store.

We’d love to hear how you’ve used Marvel App to accelerate your design process, whether it’s an experience from your career, an innovative way to use Marvel App or just some tips on how to use something new. Drop us a line on writers@marvelapp.com.

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