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Introducing Marvel for Paste

Posted 2 years ago by Naomi Francis

At Marvel we are focused on our mission to make design simple and accessible for everyone. We think it's important for everyone with creative flair - be they marketers, salespeople or entrepreneurs - to feel they can harness the power of design without the complexity that comes with it.

That's why we're excited to announce Marvel for Paste - our latest integration with a fantastic tool that is making presentations sharper, smarter and savvier.

What is Paste?

Paste, a product of the amazing FiftyThree (makers of Paper for iOS), helps you instantly create beautiful, engaging slides by simply cut and pasting content - no design required.

They're making it easier than ever to bring people and ideas together around slide decks that are super simple to make, share and wow audiences.

How does the integration work?

With Marvel + Paste, users can turn their prototypes into presentations which can be created and shared in just a few clicks. Embedding mockups of your app or website adds clarity for stakeholders and can sometimes do the talking for you! Perfect for when you're presenting product roadmaps, pitch decks or even your design process.

By simply pasting a Marvel URL into a Paste slide, users can embed prototypes that stay up-to-date with design changes and frame it with their desired device.

It's super simple to get started:

  1. Sign up to Paste for free here.
  2. Create a Paste project
  3. Add a slide and paste in a Marvel URL (try this one)
  4. Pick a device frame and you're done!

???? Check out a few examples here

Marvel + Paste makes it easy to bring ideas to life and share them with the world and we hope this integration gives all creative teams a solution to showcasing their ideas in an impactful and impressive way.

Follow the link below to sign up to Marvel for free and get started.

Design and prototyping for everyone

Design and prototyping for everyone

Thousands of individuals and teams use Marvel to design and prototype ideas.

Get Started, it's Free!

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