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Product Updates

August’s Product Updates at Marvel

Posted 3 years ago by Naomi Francis
August’s Product Updates at Marvel

We're back again with the latest updates to the Marvel platform, including some great upgrades for companies and Sketch users. We've also made it easier to send us your feature requests and feedback, read more below!

Public feature request board

One of the great things about the creative community around Marvel is the rich, constructive feedback and feature requests we receive each month.

As we've grown, so has the feedback. Scaling from a few dozen feature requests each month to hundreds meant we needed a new approach that gives you better visibility on what happens with your feedback once you send it over.

You've made the effort to tell us an idea (sometimes you even design the solution!) so we want to make sure you can see where it stands, whether it's being worked on or get direct replies from the product team.

So we're happy to say our feature request board is now public! Once you submit an idea, our product team will review, comment and then publish publicly for the rest of the community to vote on. If we start dev work on it or ship it, you'll get a notification to keep you updated.

Got an idea for us? Submit it now!

Company features

We've beefed up our Company and Enterprise plans with customisation and security features, with much more on the way!


We want Marvel to look and feel like the home of all of your companies design work. You can now customise the colours and branding of loading screens within Marvel.

Soon we'll be adding more customisation options including adding your own sub-domain!


We added additional security features that allow you to restrict access to Marvel, only allowing coworkers that are under your companies plan.

Both these features are available on our Company and Enterprise plans, built for larger teams and organisations.

Marvel for Sketch

Our popular Sketch plugin has been redesigned and super charged with some great new features that reduce the clicks needed to get stuff done.

Smart upload and faster link copy

We've added an upload queue so you can see exactly what is uploading and when. Once the upload is complete you can copy the link to your screen directly from the dropdown.

Design Tool

The team has been shipping updates to our popular wireframing and design mode within Marvel, including a few things under the hood to improve speed and browser support.

Font preview

Now when you toggle between the different font options, you'll see your selected text change so you can preview fonts before committing.

Cyrillic font support

A popular request! We've now added support for Cyrillic in both Roboto and Open Sans fonts.

Aspect-ratio lock

You no longer need a steady hand to get the right size - we've added an aspect-ratio lock to our sidebar. Yay!

Sticky search bar

Searching through dozens of stock photos or icons, then having to scroll back to the top of the page to type another search term was a pain. Now the search bar stays fixed as you scroll so you can quickly find what you're looking for.

That’s all for this update! Just get in touch if you have any questions, and if you’re on our company or Enterprise plan, contact your dedicated Customer Experience Manager for more details.

We’ll be releasing product updates like this every month from now, so make sure you sign up to the newsletter below if you’d like to be notified.

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