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User Testing Q&A with Marvel’s CEO Murat Mutlu

Posted 1 year ago by Naomi Francis
User Testing Q&A with Marvel’s CEO Murat Mutlu

Recently we hosted a webinar, An Introduction to User Testing in Marveland received loads of great questions about how our new User Testing feature works and what's coming up in the roadmap.

Read the full list below and learn more about User Testing in Marvel.

Setting up a Test

Can you include follow up questions at the end of a test?

We have included the ability to set a message once the test finishes which can be a question. We’ll be adding some additional functionality around this in coming releases such as feedback submission.

Is there a pre-screener before users are able to access the test and then based on the answers they may or may not be able to do the test?
There is currently no way to ask a screener question before a test starts. However, you can set a welcome message before each test starts. One thing worth noting is that pre-screeners are often used because of the high cost of each video result on other platforms, as Marvel does not charge per test, you don’t have to worry about the surprise costs of test results

Can you add a scenario at the start to get the user in the right frame of mind?
You could do this via the welcome message feature which allows you to enter text before the message starts

Are there any plans to add more objectives and goals into a single test, rather than just a single goal per test?
Yes, this is on our roadmap!

Can we add a number of tasks for a user to complete?
This is also on our roadmap!

Is the audio recording during testing compulsory?
No, they can reject the camera, however, we are going to provide you with the option of switching off recording for the entire project.

Can you set the user demographics for the test? E.g. Age, Location, Gender, Income
Is it possible to upload and test prototype made in Axure or Just in mind? Would this be a possibility in future?

Sharing with participants

Do participants need to download the app to be able to take the tests?
For iPhone and iPad user tests, yes. If a user doesn’t have the Marvel app installed, they will be prompted to install it before starting

Does Marvel enable tests with a moderator?
At the moment, Marvel provides the ability to conduct unmoderated tests, however, you can use Marvel in conjunction with Google Hangouts and Zoom meaning you would get the user test recording and moderate during the session.

Will it be possible to user test a prototype that has been downloaded and therefore offline?
Whilst it is possible to go offline after the participant has started the test, they would need to be online to once it finishes so you can get the result.

Do you inform the user beforehand that voice will be recorded during the test?
Yes! There is a short onboarding flow to set up the camera and microphone.

Can you tell us more about the recruitment feature? Is this hinting at a ready-made pool of testers to access?
We use several partners to provide a pool of ready-made testers from around the world. You select the demographics and then we’ll deliver the test link to those people. You can, of course, use your own testers too.

Test Results

Is there a breakdown of the specific mistaps?
Not yet! This is on our roadmap.

Are mistaps shown on the screen?
We show indicators during the recording playback of each tap and click. Desktop test results also show mouse movement.

Is translation available?
Not yet! This is on our roadmap.

Is it possible to share the user test result videos with clients? E.g. share video via email, or download file.
Every test result has a unique URL which you can share with clients (note: they will need to be collaborators in Marvel).

Can we track gesture-based interactions i.e. pull downs, swipes etc, other than just taps?
Not yet! This is on our roadmap.

Can you compare results against versions/updates made following feedback?
There’s no interface to do this at the moment (like a split view etc) but you can open each test in a new tab and review stats.

Pricing & Availability

Are tests done on a ‘pay as you go’ pricing structure?
No. Our goal is to make it easy to run as many tests as you want so we

When will it be ready to use?
Now! Get it touch to add the User Testing trial to your account

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