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Launch User Tests directly from the Marvel iOS app!

Posted 5 months ago by Charlotte Hall

If you’re testing on the go, you can now quickly access and launch user test sessions directly from our iOS app – perfect for guerilla testing sessions!

This new feature turns your iPhone or iPad into a portable testing lab and gives you access to all of your user test projects in Marvel. Simply hand your device to your participant and capture every tap, click, comment, audio and video reaction on your prototype.

Perfect for testing low and high-fidelity prototypes on the go. Oh, and everything is automatically uploaded to your Marvel account so you and the team can access the results in one place.

How to get started

  1. Create your User Test in Marvel (click here)
  2. Download the Marvel for iOS app from the App Store (click here)
  3. Tap the video icon on the top left
  4. Tap on your user test project
  5. Tap ‘Start test’

Interested in User Testing with Marvel? Find out more here.

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