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Alastair Simpson

Head of Design, Software Teams at Atlassian. An advocate of using design thinking methodologies to solve complex business problems. Follow me on Twitter.

Imagine a world where we’d know the impact that an experience would have before we shipped it. This is not as impossible as it sounds, and most product companies are or have been building experiences this way for a few years now. Popularised by e-commerce sites and lean startups, validating design decisions by A/B testing and hard data is commonplace… Read More →

I spoke this week at a General Assembly Q&A session with 25 freshly minted graduates from their UX course. Many of the questions centred around how to structure portfolios ready for interview, how design at Atlassian works and how to break into the UX and design industry. 1 question really stood out to me. “As a designer, what’s the hardest… Read More →

How do you encourage teams to think “creatively”? What about to “iterate” on an idea across multi-disciplinary teams? Or to encourage broad “ideation” on a tough problem? Of course there are lots of different processes you can employ, like building a playbook. These plays are step-by-step guides used by any team to help them run effective workshops at different stages… Read More →