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Prototyping competition – Share your awesome paper prototypes to win!

Enter our prototyping competition to win £100 + Marvel goodies

Have you recently taken part in a design thinking workshop and created an awesome prototype using Marvel? We’re looking for cool examples of prototypes that have helped bring your ideas to life; what’s more, we’re looking to reward and showcase the best ones that we receive.

The winner will receive a juicy bag of Marvel goodies (packed with t-shirts, sketch pads, stickers, your next favourite tote bag, and more) plus a £100 voucher! 4 runners up will each nab a Marvel goody bag.

We’re particularly interested in any prototypes created by Prototyping on Paper (POP) because we love how this ideation technique levels the playing field by making design accessible to almost anyone who has a paper and a pen (or pencil if you prefer) – no need for fancy design tools, just bring your imagination.

All that said, if you have created a prototype using digital design tools or in any other way, we’d love you to share it!

The winning prototypes will be showcased in a special blog post; we’re keen to collate and share ideas with other folks who are interested in learning about design thinking and want to see creations from other like-minded individuals.

Sketches for prototyping on paper (POP)

So what are you waiting for? Download Marvel to get started and bring your ideas to life! If you are feeling a little stuck then why not try out our free banking UI kit for Sketch.

To enter

Fill in this short survey to give us;

Competition terms

Marvel reserves the right to publicly share any prototypes that are entered and host them on our website, blog and emails.

Prototypes submitted must be from the Marvel owner of the account to be valid for entry.

The closing date for entries is 9th November 2020.

Design and prototyping for everyone

Design and prototyping for everyone

Thousands of individuals and teams use Marvel to design and prototype ideas.

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