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Prototyping and User Testing for Sales teams

Posted 3 weeks ago by Diana Gray
Prototyping and User Testing for Sales teams

Following on from our series of posts on how Customer Experience and Customer Support teams can benefit from using Marvel, we chatted to our Sales team as well as some of our customers to find out how Marvel is used and, in particular, how they can benefit from creating prototypes.

Prototyping during the sales process

A popular online payment system provider (we’ll call them PayFriend) uses Marvel to create prototypes which are used as part of their sales process. PayFriend speaks to new prospects who are interested in using their e-commerce solution, but want to demostrate how their product can be used to give customers the freedom to buy how they want—nearly anywhere in the world.

In the following example, let’s assume a prospective customer of PayFriend would like a sales demonstration showing how the online payment system might look and work once integrated into their website. The sales representative would use the following design process in Marvel to build clickable, easy to share demos for their customers to visualise how their e-commerce system will look and feel when installed on their website.

How to build a clickable demo in Marvel for Sales prospects

  1. Screenshot each page of the payment funnel from the prospective customer’s website
  2. Create a new project in Marvel and drag and drop the screenshot images into the project (Marvel lets you upload any PNG, JPG or GIF files, up to 20MB)
  3. Edit the images in Marvel’s design tool: adding your logo, and any common elements (boxes, buttons etc.) that are used when your product is installed on the customer’s website
  4. Once the images are ready, the next step is to link them together to form a clickable demo, using hotspots.
  5. Return to the main project screen and hover over the first image and click: “Prototype” to enter Marvel’s prototyping mode

By using prototypes the team is able to demostrate value to their customers without development commitment. Speeding up the sales process and demostrating value to the user.

Another tip would be to utilise Marvel’s download feature – this is great for when sales reps are pitching and are uncertain as to the reliability of the internet connection they might face. We’ve all endured that moment when you rock up to someone else’s office (and now too in our always online world!), and they don’t have the right TV connector, or your laptop runs out of battery or they have a rubbish internet connection. By downloading your Marvel prototype demo to your local computer, any anxiety over connection issues dissolves.

How to user test and get feedback on your mock-ups

As a final step in this sales demo, Marvel’s User Testing is used to gather both audio and video feedback from key stakeholders and even clients – this would serve as a good gauge for how successful the integration of the ecommerce solution is likely to be with the client.

Testing a prototype in Marvel is a fast and simple process, you just go into the prototype and then click Create User Test in the top right hand corner. Next, go through a few steps and Marvel will build a user test that you can share with anyone (by sending an email or simply sharing the URL for the test) to gather their feedback on your prototype. It's as easy as that and now PayFriend can see how their customers react and engage with their prototypes to continue to iterate and improve their sales process.

These are just a couple ways in which Sales teams can use Marvel. Sign up today to create your first prototype.

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