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Design Thoughts / Design Process

Great! You’ve got your design brief, areas of interest you want to look into, and some user interviews lined up. But what‘s next? This article provides you with hands-on advice on why and how to conduct user interviews in your UX process. Some of the recommendations you are going to read might seem trivial and obvious but neglecting only one… Read More →

In this post, I’ll share some simple design and UX facilitation methods I use on the job in order to create definition, expedite the design process and create transparency with various stakeholders and team members on any given project. These design and UX facilitation methods are highly collaborative. I’m a huge fan of collaboration design and facilitation because it’s such… Read More →

In its first era, design was seen as a problem solver; it has now moved into a second era where it’s seen as a creator of meaningful experiences. “The design discipline, similar to its industry, has undergone a specialization process.” From Design to Experience Design The design discipline, similar to its industry, has undergone a specialization process. Numerous job titles… Read More →

Typically, when a product design falls flat, people want to insert a design process to fix the bad design. However, much like the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant, a one-size-fits-all design process does not exist. Don’t force a process on a design team that everyone must follow. Every designer has their own unique way of solving design problems. “Bad product… Read More →

Encouragement for UX Designers lost in bad process and structure. “Bad design is seldom caused by bad designers. Most often it’s bad organizational structure.” – Don Norman at DMI Conference Through several years of being a UX Designer in consulting/agency and in-house teams, I can confidently say I have seen great design be shut down because of bad structure and… Read More →