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Jess Eddy

Mover and shaker, product maker, hacker at ♥. I design and make stuff! www.phinandphebes.com // https://warble.co // www.getaroomapp.com. Currently in Sydney. Say hi on Twitter!

In this post, I’ll share some simple design and UX facilitation methods I use on the job in order to create definition, expedite the design process and create transparency with various stakeholders and team members on any given project. These design and UX facilitation methods are highly collaborative. I’m a huge fan of collaboration design and facilitation because it’s such… Read More →

Have you ever felt the magic of working with a small team to execute on a project and it went so well that you think, why can’t it be like this all the time? Sometimes it seems like the stars have to align in order to have the chance to do great work with great people. There’s more that goes… Read More →