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Uday Gajendar

Prolific designer for 15+ years. Shipped for Facebook, Citrix, Netflix, Adobe and more. Coaches startups on UX fundamentals. Follow me on Twitter.

Let’s say that one day, I wrote out the steps of a typical UCD-based process on a whiteboard (just pick any reputable textbook)…and then someone walked into that room, memorised this process as a template or recipe and then executed it accurately — is that person now a designer? That’s exactly the question a professor asked our class, in the… Read More →

It’s not “sexy” but who says it can’t be? Complexity and ambiguity can offer valuable moments for inspiring beautiful novelty in enterprise UX. It’s 2015. As I gaze back upon my circuitous career path, for over a dozen years, I’ve largely designed for desktop virtualization, corporate financials, and now cloud analytics for IT admins. B2B. Verticals. Enterprise. Whoa. It wasn’t… Read More →