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Nikkel Blaase

Product and interaction designer at XING, Hamburg. Founder of Design Made For You. Follow me on Twitter @JAF_Designer.

True innovation — the journey of creating and distributing outstanding new-to-the-world customer value — is critical to the success of every modern business. In times of increasing disruptive threads, immensely decreasing company life spans and sped-up adoption rates, innovation activities have become a crucial precondition for survival. Simply put, if we don’t innovate, our business will become obsolete eventually. “Innovation… Read More →

Why UX design has to evolve to stay relevant in the future Since the early 90s, when the term User Experience was brought to wider knowledge, the UX design profession has been dealing with a lot of key challenges. Besides new emerging roles accompanied by an increasing amount of new — and sometimes rather confusing — job titles, UX has mainly been struggling with… Read More →

Great digital products don’t suddenly appear out of nowhere. In fact, they are sophisticated artifacts that have successfully grown into great products after a careful product discovery process. They are delightful experiences, easy to use, and beautiful to look at, providing outstanding value to its users. “Building a great product is an art as much as a science.” — Paul Adams The… Read More →