Lisa Dziuba, Author at Marvel Blog
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Lisa Dziuba

Lisa Dziuba

Swift Learner & Marketer & FlawlessAppio co-founder. Part of CocoaHeadsUA team ????‍♀️ 2017 Product Hunt Maker of the Year Runner Up. Techstars London Alumni.

It’s a practice of creating apps, sites, and products usable for everyone, including people with visual, motor, auditory, speech, or cognitive disabilities. Why should you support accessibility? You can impact someone’s life by making inclusive and easy-to-use products. One billion people have disabilities: your product can be used by them. Better accessibility support leads to better UX and cleaner code…. Read More →

We decided to share goodies for those of you who work with mobile UI design or want to start. My co-founder and developer, Ahmed Sulaiman, has learned design from scratch. You can do that as well! Just check his great guide on the first step when beginning your design journey. Prepared UI elements, screens, components or entirely app concepts, packed… Read More →