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Linh Nguyen

Why, hello there! I’m the word-generator at Marvel with a background in the humanities. I also like walks, talks, and…rhymes. You can contact me on good ol’ email.

In 1993, there was an event. The late Prince, over dispute with his record label Warner Bros., changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol. The Artist Formerly Known as Prince wanted out of his contract, out of the identity that tied him to it. The new symbol, also known as the Love Symbol, was an act of artistic liberation. The… Read More →

There is something both romantic yet tricky about the word timeless. The idealist in us would love to create something timeless within our lifetime, but there is an oddness to such a desire. What does timeless even mean? Is it possible to create something as such? Moreover, does it even matter? Considering our digitally-driven world now, I’m not so sure… Read More →

All the world’s a stage. Organisations are ecosystems. The self is a blank slate. Metaphors like these are illuminating, helping us to see things in a different way. They provide new insight and can even change the way we think. Metaphors are more than devices; they’re central to how we understand the world. They don’t belong solely to language, but… Read More →

Analytics is more than just collecting data. It frames industries, guides decision-making, future-planning and customer-profiling. Giovanni Luperti, UX Lead at Qubit, talks to me about web personalisation. Customer experience is such a buzzword nowadays but very few companies know how to do it well. It’s disappointing to see words like ‘care’, ‘authenticity,’ and ‘honest’ get thrown around so much that… Read More →

We are all naturally narrow-minded. The moment we’re born into this world, we are moulded by external influences: society, our friends and family, the media, our work. All of these influences create an identity for us, a lens through which we see the world. As Anais Nin once said: “we don’t see things as they are, we see things are… Read More →

Somewhere in a quiet street of East London, Animade, an animation studio, is digitally crafting stories and rendering reality, one frame at a time. Mike Guppy, its Senior Designer, talks to me about the power of video. “Animade is a forward-thinking animation studio. We make everything from TV ads to social campaigns to video games—all with lashings of character!” There… Read More →

When I think about what it means to know, I find myself going back to language, to words. I wonder, for example, when I’m looking at a website, how do I learn about it in order for me to use it? I don’t believe the senses are enough to really understand what’s going on – we’re just simply aware that… Read More →

Roomr isn’t about filling space but building houseshares. It champions housemates, community, friendship, the second family. I had a chat with co-founder Paul about the app, and how it plans to solve, and make enjoyable, the housesharing search in London. The home has changed. We don’t establish roots the way we used to anymore. We are expanding its definition beyond brick… Read More →

Those working in the creative sector of any industry have some of the biggest egos, as well as the biggest anxieties, over their work. A lot of this is because we hold onto the concept of originality. We simultaneously believe that it can be achieved, but question whether or not we can achieve it. Well, the simple answer is that… Read More →

Bumping randomly into an old friend is one of life’s great pleasures. Unfortunately, that rarely happens, even if they were in the same area. The problem is we just didn’t know. We spoke to Sup on how to resolve the annoyance of missed encounters, because frankly, we’ve had too many. Why is it so hard to meet people? Perhaps the… Read More →