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Jonas Downey

Product Designer at Basecamp. Also made Hello Weather. Follow me on Twitter.

Hey there, tech designer person. Have you noticed the increasing number of vague specializations we’ve invented for ourselves? Here are a few I grabbed from a job board 10 minutes ago. UX Designer UX/UI Designer UI Designer Graphic Designer (UX & UI focus) Visual Designer Digital Designer Product Designer Presentation Designer Front End Designer Web Designer Bleh. What’s the difference between… Read More →

Software designers and developers are all about NEW. We like to experiment with far-out ideas and make shiny things. Our livelihood depends on it. We’re so addicted to NEW that sometimes it clouds our judgment. We love NEW and everyone else should too, so we force heavy-handed product changes onto our customers without much explanation. And if they didn’t want… Read More →

How to make useful, friendly software for real people. One of the things I love about making software is that it’s a deeply mental exercise, chock full of heady processes, abstractions, and interconnected pathways. You can fill your brain with the practical nuts and bolts side of it—research, strategy, prototyping, programming, UI, operations, and more. Lots more. And if that’s… Read More →