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Guy Ligertwood

Husband and father of 2. Made in England, grew up in Scotland, living in Australia. Currently a UX Designer with Tabcorp in Sydney. Say hi on Twitter and read more from me on Medium.

Be yourself Be confident in your skills and ability. Work in your own style rather than following someone else’s. It’s crucial to carve out your own design journey and not be too sidetracked by what others are doing. “You can become a good designer following others, but you’ll become a great designer telling your own story.” Embrace feeling like an imposter After a… Read More →

Do you often hear the word ‘empathy’ at work? Do you find that it gets thrown around too much in the world of design? Do you know what it means? Would you like to be able to improve your empathy and become a better designer in the process? During my time as a designer, I’ve heard the word empathy a… Read More →

Did you read that Sidebar article about UX Writing? Did you see the new augmented reality software that Apple created? Have you seen Android’s new design pattern? Did you see the latest Google I/O talks? Have you read ‘Hooked’ ? You been on Dribbble lately? Did you complete that online UI course with Design Labs? Did you see the latest intercom… Read More →

When I started working as a Junior UX Designer, I was a fish out of water. My knowledge about technology was limited. In meetings I would keep hearing these words, but had no clue what they meant. I’d get back to my desk and google what I’d heard, hoping no one would spot me! Overtime, I found there were lots… Read More →