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Gal Shir

Designer & Maker | www.galshir.com

In this article I’m going to tell the story of Color Hunt, a curated collection of color palettes. I started Color Hunt with the goal of sharing my passion for colors, and provide a go-to resource for designers, artists, developers, illustrators, and basically anyone who needs a fresh color combination for their design project. The Idea It all started from… Read More →

Colors are one of the most important and powerful elements in design. Since design is an evolution, our perception of colors (and the ways we use them) is ever-changing. I’ve noticed that there is a new and fresh trend in design that involves a prominent use of gradients in UI, branding, illustration, typography and more. It seems like we got… Read More →

When I was young, I’ve always had an answer for when people were asking me what my favorite color is. It was blue, but then after a couple of years it turned to purple, and then turquoise, and then yellow when I got older… “Relationships with colors are affected by our experience with them.” Colors are like music genres, some… Read More →

As I sometimes dig inside my work process, trying to understand what’s going on inside my head while I design, I started to realize what drives my decisions and thinking process. Pushing pixels, placing objects in the space, and adjusting colors, sizes and shapes, are not an easy tasks. How should a designer know what to do? Are there any rules… Read More →