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Erik Klimczak

Designing the future at Uber in San Francisco. Follow me on @eklimcz.

Over the last six months we’ve been collaborating with The Atlantic to bring three interactive articles to life. It was an amazing opportunity to work side-by-side with a talented, multidisciplinary and relentless publication team. We learned a lot. We set out to create an immersive, yet thoughtful reading experience and I’d like to share some of our insights that helped… Read More →

“Dashboard”, “Big Data”, “Data visualization”, “Analytics” — there’s been an explosion of people and companies looking to do interesting things with their data. I’ve been lucky to work on dozens of data-driven interfaces throughout my career and I wanted to share some thoughts on how to arrive at a distinct and meaningful product. Many people have already tackled this topic,… Read More →

After the overwhelmingly positive interest in my Designing Data-Driven Interfaces article, I decided to write about this related and equally important topic: managing complexity. You know that unsettling feeling when you’re half way through a project and you’re presenting design concepts? No major feedback, smiles across the table, heads nodding yes. Home run right? No, that feeling scares the shit… Read More →