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Daniel Fosco

Digital designer at VTEX. I make sites and apps to improve the way people live and work. Also: eating tacos like there's no tomorrow. Follow me on Twitter.

What I learned from a year of designing products with 100+ people VTEX is an online commerce platform with headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, almost 200 employees and 60+ software developers. Our clients range from big enterprise operations to small shops in over 16 countries around the world. When I joined the team over a year ago, I didn’t really… Read More →

“Writing code with Git is hard. Writing code without it is unthinkable.” Or anyone who really wants to use it but has no idea how Writing code is hard. For every 1 minute of bliss typing characters in the computer and seeing it render things that didn’t exist before, there are 10 minutes of frustration with unreadable code and bugs… Read More →