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Christine Nishiyama

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Have you guys heard of Inktober? It’s a drawing challenge developed by fellow illustrator, Jake Parker in 2009. Every October, artists and art-enthusiasts around the world create an ink drawing daily for the month, sharing their work each day online with the #Inktober hashtags. Sounds pretty easy, right? I mean c’mon, we’re all creatives here. How hard can it be… Read More →

Literally 300 times a day, I have a conversation like this: Person: So what do you do? Me: I’m an illustrator. Person: Oh my goodness! How wonderful! I can’t draw. Not even draw stick figures! First of all, a stick figure is a drawing. You just think it’s a bad drawing. And that’s the problem. You Believe You Can’t Draw The… Read More →

I recently watched a talk by Austin Kleon from the first Creative Mornings event in Austin, Texas a few years ago. At the time, Austin was working on his new book, Show Your Work!, which is about something I’m very passionate about — the process of creating and the sharing of that process. I’ve been sharing my process work and… Read More →