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Carlos Yllobre

Product designer | Illustrator | Traveller in love with the mountains and the sea | Ukulele player | Photographer | Avid reader | charlieyllobre.com. Say hi on Twitter.

Illustrations should be embraced in product design because they can make a large difference. I know that the “making a difference” clichĂ© is so over-used in product design in general, but in the case of well-used illustrations applied to user interfaces, it happens to be true. Having said that, I don’t mean that illustrations will work for every single product out… Read More →

In the next few years we will see a continuing trend to simplify the UI of our apps/websites. This is happening because of two main factors: How we interact and understand new technology, and the rise of more friendly and human software and interfaces. Let’s go step by step. 1. The Simplicity Revolution We live in a world oversaturated with… Read More →

Who the hell am I to tell you anything about being a good product designer? I am not a personal trainer, a Human Resources specialist, a Guru or any type of Evangelist. I just try to do my best in every sphere of my work, enjoy every process and learn as much as I can on the journey. A big… Read More →