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Breno Barreto

Writer @ VTEX

We have a great opportunity at my company right now: our platform has been developing daily in the last years, but this has happened although we lack a clear process of thinking content embedded in new features. So it’s about time we jump into that gap and fill it with some well developed UX Writing. “We lack a clear process… Read More →

“To learn philosophy, begin by delving into a single philosopher.” That’s what my history teacher told me in the last year of high school. And although I’ve never really learned much from philosophy, this line has been guiding me whenever I need to immerse myself into a new field of study. Leaving newsrooms and publishing houses to enter a technology… Read More →

Being a journalist, I came to VTEX without knowing exactly where I’d be able to apply my experience. Nine months later, I wonder how the company could grow without an area formed by people dedicated to identifying, organizing, and distributing information. Actually, I know it couldn’t. That’s why we are building a Knowledge team. We needed to meet a couple… Read More →