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Ben Ralph

UX teacher, writer and designer. Founder of Pocketful of Pixels. Find me on Medium and Twitter.

You are conducting user research — whether you know it or not As a UX designer, I have heard lots of reasons why not to conduct user research. Usually, I hear the classics, ‘we don’t have enough time’ and ‘we don’t have enough money’, but occasionally I’ll also get ‘users don’t know what they want’, or ‘you’re the UX expert —… Read More →

See Part 1 (Introduction to UXD), Part 2 (Agile & Lean UX) or the full Table of Contents. “In design, you’re solving for user needs and business goals. In research, you’re solving for a lack of information.” — Erika Hall UX Research isn’t as scary or intimidating as it may sound at first — we’re not writing a PhD or… Read More →

A guide, not a template The first thing a good UX Designer should tell you about creating a persona is that if you just blindly follow a template, you have missed the point. User research should inform the layout — don’t let the layout constrain the research. Put simply, don’t just follow a template. Sadly, this advice is not very helpful… Read More →

This is a resource guide to complement the ‘Intro to UX Design’ course run by IF Academy. Visit their website for upcoming course dates. Also see Part 2 (Agile & Lean UX), Part 3 (UX Research) or the full Table of Contents. In this article we cover: What is a good user experience design? The need to balance business, user and… Read More →