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Adrian Zumbrunnen

Currently design tinkering at Google. Formerly iA. Writes and speaks about design. Follow me on Twitter.

Great products are made by people who care. As teams grow in size, ownership, responsibilities, and individual impact become abstract and blurred. As soon as ownership becomes ambiguous, products lose their opinion and often end up becoming a mediocre mess shaped by countless compromises. This is one of the main challenges large teams face today and in order to better… Read More →

My grandfather was a watchmaker. When I was a child, I used to sit next to his huge wooden desk, watching him design and assemble clockworks made of dozens finicky pieces. The amount of patience, determination and precision he put into every facet of his designs was something I have always admired. Watching a running clockwork for the first time… Read More →

I made my website conversational. Here is what I learned. A while back, I ran an experiment on my website. I made it conversational. The feedback, responses and media coverage have been absolutely amazing. I received over 300 emails within the first 24 hours. I was asked me to share my insights. Since this whole thing started as a conversation,… Read More →