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Murat Mutlu

Hi! I'm one of the co-founders at Marvel and a Product Designer by trade. You can often find me asking why Arsenal haven't signed anyone this season. Follow me on Twitter.

We’ve got a neat banking themed UI kit for Sketch for you to download, completely free! It contains over 50 screens with dozens of icons and buttons to help inspire your next project. Want to quickly make the artboards into a prototype? Grab the Marvel Sketch plugin to send artboards to your projects in a couple of clicks. Click the… Read More →

We’re lucky to have an incredible community of creative minds using Marvel to make thousands of prototypes every day. Some prototypes are just for fun, others have turned into¬†apps and¬†even acquisitions. All of these prototypes¬†have a story behind them and we¬†wanted to create a place where everyone has the chance to publish and discover ideas. That’s why we’re super excited… Read More →

We’ve been massively inspired by the stories we’ve been reading by our community, whether it’s career experiences, case studies or just how to do something new¬†in Sketch. Now we¬†want to help get your writing out to the world, that’s why we’re opening up our blog to our wonderful and diverse userbase. If you’re interested in publishing your¬†ideas¬†on the Marvel blog,… Read More →

Last night we were the proud sponsors of a new design event, Design Club. Like us, Design Club is for digital product designers working in startups, big tech companies, and agencies. Sam, Tom, Camilla and Charlotte, who are behind the event, launched it as a way to bring the new creative community together to figure out what‚Äôs next. You can… Read More →

One of the things we’re really passionate about here at Marvel is creating tools that introduce design to a wider audience. ¬†Whether you’re a designer, student, entrepreneur or just have a¬†concept you want to flesh out – we want everyone to be able to start their ideas in Marvel. So we’re excited to give you a preview of the latest… Read More →

Marvel now integrates with Box, giving you secure access to your design files. And the best part? Any¬†file¬†you add stays in sync with Box, meaning you never have to lift a finger when you make design changes. It’s super simple to get started, you’ll find Box in the Add image menu on your project, click the button to authorise your… Read More →

If you’re designing for tvOS or just want to view your projects on the Apple TV then you’ll love the latest update to our app. Marvel for Apple TV now allows you to turn your designs into fully interactive prototypes for tvOS. No coding required. Whether you’re sketching¬†low fidelity sketched wireframes or designing rich visuals from Photoshop, just add your… Read More →

We’ve just released a great update to our comments feature including a ton of features based off of your feedback! Here’s what’s new: Reply to comments You can now reply to comments directly,¬†allowing for better discussions around annotations or feedback. @Mention people in your directory or project When you work on a project or team with several people, you may… Read More →

Sometimes things are so obvious, it‚Äôs easy to miss them. Sometimes the best way through, or the simplest solution is right there. We spoke to Dojo about why their app feels so fun and personable (spoiler: it‚Äôs because they are fun and personable!), and how they built a tool just for them to do what they do best. Dojo App… Read More →

We‚Äôve updated our user roles several times over the past few years, and last week introduced the ‚ÄúContributor‚ÄĚ role to give external stakeholders/clients visibility over specific projects. With many of you asking questions such as – “how do you add an external stakeholder to a project without them seeing all our projects in Marvel?” or “how do I delegate the… Read More →

Over the past few months we’ve been working on a new Marvel that will lay the groundwork for the future of the platform. It’s been a wild ride. As many of you know, Marvel started off as a side-project built in the summer of 2013. At that time prototyping was still fighting for its place in¬†the design process, regarded mostly… Read More →

Ever since the beginning of Marvel we’ve always had the vision of lowering the barrier to prototyping and creating one simple tool that helps you bring your ideas to life. However we felt that a piece of the puzzle had been missing – design and animation. That’s why¬†we’ve been hard at work on one of the biggest updates to Marvel… Read More →