Automatically create specs and design handoff for developers, saving your team hours of manual work

Instantly turn designs into code, specs and assets

Our design handoff tool, puts an end to manual design documentation, PDFs and redlines. Now, all you need for designer developer handoff is a single URL, where they can find everything they need to start building.

Handoff generates CSS, Swift and Android XML instantly for designs made within Marvel or Sketch, shaving time off the design to development process.

  • Always in sync with the latest design changes

    With Marvel, all your work is updated in real time.

    Collaborator's design changes are synced automatically, so all the code, specs and assets generated in our UI handoff tool will always be the latest and correct version. No miscommunication, no madness.

Handoff works with Sketch or designs created in Marvel

No need to change the way you work, our UI handoff tool works seamlessly with the design tools you know and love - like Sketch.

Our Sketch plugin makes it effortless for you to keep designs in sync with Marvel, and now Handoff takes care of taking your prototypes into the development stage. With Marvel you can accelerate your entire designer developer handoff process.