• Terms of Use

    We love apps and integrations that take Marvel to the next level and go beyond what services we offer.

    Just to make sure there’s no surprises, we wanted to create some guidelines for you just to make sure there’s no surprises for you after putting in the hard work to create your project.

    Apps we won’t allow

    • Anything illegal or promotes copyright infringement
    • Anything that misleads users
    • Anything that uses private APIs or tries to scrape or copy data.
    • Anything that attempts to harm, compete or replace Marvel


    We’re still monitoring usage of the API during the beta phase and have some initial rate limits set that should be more than enough for most apps.

    We reserve the right to block or throttle any service that abuses the limits or tries to circumvent them.

    If you’re working on something that you expect to generate heavy load, get in touch with us here, we’ll be happy to discuss solutions.


    Marvel is not liable for any damages arising from using the API.

    Terms can change

    Marvel reserves the right to update and change these terms at any time without notice during the beta period.