• Embeds

    Embedded prototypes are an easy way to add your Marvel prototypes to websites and articles.

    Embedding on your website

    To embed a Marvel prototype you first need to get ahold of the prototype's embed snippet. You can find this by clicking the Share button on your prototype's project page within the Marvel dashboard, and lookind under the Embed header.

    Paste this code into your website and your prototype will automatically load.


    Customise your embed code

    The embed url's query string can be tweaked in order to customise the embedded prototype.




    Remove the frame from mobile prototypes. Desktop prototypes do not have frames.

    Embedding on other platforms

    Prototypes can also be embedded on platforms such as Medium, Behance, Squarespace, Ghost, Weebly, Wix and Wordpress just as easily. In fact, anywhere that supports Embed.ly can embed Marvel prototypes. All you have to do is to copy embed snippet as described above and paste it as a code snippet on one of those platforms.

    Embedding for developers

    A project's embed url can also be retrieved from the API. With a ProjectNode you can query for the embed field, which can return the embed url, the iframe snippet itself, or both.